Katie’s Dance Studio has been bringing the joy of dance, acrobatics, cheer and music into the hearts and homes of Leavenworth, Lansing and Fort Leavenworth area families for over 25 years.  The dedicated team at KDS is absolutely committed to making sure that each student discovers his or her full potential, finds lifetime love and skills in dance, acrobatics, music.  Our team also wants each student to feel valued, connected, part of our community and adores every minute (even the challenging ones) of learning and making memories at Katie’s Dance Studio.

Katie’s Dance Studio opened for business in September 1994.  Katie Holmes received a contract at Fort Leavenworth and began teaching dance classes for kids through Youth Services at the Harrold Youth Center on post.  She also began teaching classes in Lansing through the Lansing PTO and schools.

After her dance studio was open for business for four years and wanting to expand her studio size, Katie opened the doors to her first Leavenworth dance studio location on South 4th Street Traffic way in fall 1999.  Needing even more space to occupy the growing interest in the studio, Katie relocated to the 1290 Eisenhower Road location, on the border of Leavenworth and Lansing, after just a year.  Desiring to branch out even more, Katie also began offering a variety of music lessons in the fall of 2005.

Over the past 26 years, Katie has been honored with watching her students grow up, graduate high school and college, get married, and even have their own children return as second generation students.  Katie prides herself on the fact that her staff members share the same dedication and perseverance she has for teaching dance.  These staff members are what make each year, each recital, and each student better than before.  By taking classes within the studio, as well as attending workshops, conventions, and competitions, the staff continues to educate themselves.  All of our instructors hold Bachelor’s degrees in areas such as education, nursing, social work and the arts.  Miss Katie has had the honor of being a 29 year member of  Dance Masters of America.  A national organization for dance teachers that provides educational opportunities for teachers and students across the country and internationally.  Miss Katie also holds a Master’s degree in the Art of Teaching.

She stresses to her staff the importance of maintaining traditional teaching methods, and integrating fresh, up-to-date dance techniques into the curriculum in order to provide an optimal learning environment to every child. The staff at Katie’s Acrobatics, Dance and Music work hard to help each child reach their full potential.  They focus on progressive lessons and age appropriate moves/music.  We continue to update dance classes for kids offerings, lessons and curriculum to fit the needs of our students. 

Participation in Dance, Acrobatics and Music provides so much more than just steps.  Students develop self-esteem, social skills, listening skills, friendships; discipline, active life style, and concentration just to name a few. In the dance business people always say, “Dance Changes Everything!”  We have found that to be ever so TRUE!