Acro 1

A wonderful introduction (or continuation of our Preacro class) to the world of Acrobatics/Tumbling! This class will teach your child the basics of acrobatics and build upon any currently possessed skills.  Some of the skills taught in this class include: forward rolls, backward rolls, straddle rolls forward and backwards, pike rolls forward and backwards, cartwheels, round offs, back bends, back bend pull up, hand stand, hand stand forward roll, to name a few.  This class is structured to keep the kids engaged and moving from the start.  It starts with a warm up (which can include an obstacle course) stationary skills, traveling skills and dance/gross motor skills are incorporated as well.  It’s a great hour of fun!

(Offered Monday 5:00pm, Tues. 4:30 pm, Friday 6:00 pm)

Ballet Classes for Beginner & Advanced Beginner

This class is an introduction and knowledge building level.  Students are taught the six basic foot positions, body facings, port de bras, various jumps, turns, steps, a series of steps and leaps.  It is a great foundation building class for terminology, strength, coordination and thinking.  Generally, students in this class are ages 6-10 but it is not limited to that age range.  It is the beginning of a more serious approach to ballet and the discipline of dance as compared to the more playful introductory Preballet.  It’s the perfect class for students who are new to ballet, or have 1 year of ballet.

(Offered Monday 5:30pm. OR Thursday 5:15 pm)

Jazz Classes for Beginner & Advanced Beginner

This is an excellent class for the dance who loves to move to the beat, learn the basic or foundation of jazz technique including pirouettes, leaps, pas de bouree and dance to popular songs in an age appropriate manner.  Students in this class are generally 6-10 years old but it’s not limited to those ages.  It’s a class for the active child who loves to dance!

(Offered Thursday 6:15 pm)

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Beginner (Great class for Boys & Girls)

This is a great class for the new to dance or new to hip hop student.  Students will learn basic hip hop technique and terminology.  They will work on combinations of steps, movements and routines in a progressive and fun manner.  They will learn various styles of hip hop to include  pop and lock, and top rocking.  All music and movements are age appropriate and fun!  This class has been very popular with girls and boys ages 6-10.

(Offered Wednesday 5:15pm)

Tap Level 1 &2

This is a wonderful class for the 6-10 year old dancer.  Students in this class will learn basic tap steps, progressions, and series of steps as well as terminology.  They will learn rhythm, beat, and musicality.  This is a super fun class for kids who love to make NOISE!

(Offered Wednesday 4:30 pm)

Tap Level 3

This Tap class is for the intermediate students who have 2-3 years experience.  Students are still working on speed, clarity of steps and sounds and including terminology building, putting combinations together at faster speed, creating rhythms, matching sounds and learning full dances.

(Offered Wednesday 6:30-7:25 pm)

Clogging Classes for Beginner

If you LOVE Tap, you’ll LOVE Clogging.  If you just love to dance, you’ll LOVE Clogging.  Clogging is a fun, fast paced, combination of Tap, Irish Step, Hip Hop, and Jazz.  It recently has been more infused with Hip Hop, Jazz, speed and quality of sounds.  It used to be associated with Square dancing but is VERY different now.

(Offered Tuesday 6:15pm)

Cheer Classes for Beginner/Advanced Beginner

This is a super fun class for the aspiring cheerleader age 6 and up.  The class focuses on basic cheers, chants, jumps, builds, acrobatic/tumbling skills, correct form, and enthusiasm.  The students will be taught in a progressive style and incorporate pom pom styled dances.  It’s a great class for any dancer or acrobat who wants to add a little more to their skill set!

(Offered Thursday 5:30 pm)

Cheer/Tumble/Jazz Level 1 & 2

A fabulous class to try out three disciplines that compliment each other.  This class is 85 minutes long to allow students a good opportunity to work on all three areas of study. Level 1 & 2 students will learn a basic foundation of skills in all three areas, as well as progress to more difficult skills as a team.  They will work on strength training, conditioning, flexibility, team work/cooperation, coordination, pom pom styled dances and how to project as a cheerleader.  A popular class among students ages 7 and up!

(Offered Friday 4:30)

Acro Levels 2, 3, 4

These classes are great continuations for Acro 1!  They are perfect for the student who already has the basic skills and wants to continue with their acrobatic/Tumbling training. More advanced skills are taught as well as reviewing the basics.  We believe it is important to teach skills in a progression, rather than go for just the “tricks”.  We believe having a well rounded, strong, confident acrobatic/tumbler is beneficial in many ways.  Some of the skills taught at this level include: all kinds of cartwheels, back bend kickovers, walkovers, limbers front and backwards, some power tumbling skills, as well as connecting skills.  A great continuation for the student who LOVES tumbling!

(Acro 2 Offered Monday 7:05 pm)  (Acro 1 & 2 offered Tuesday 4:30)

(Acro 2 & 3 Offered Tuesday 6:30 pm) (Acro 4 offered Tuesday 7:30pm)

Ballet Classes for Intermediate

This class is a continuation of knowledge and skill building for the ballet student. Generally, students at this level have had 2-3 years of ballet (not including preballet) and are 9 years old or older.  The class is structured like all classical ballet classes are; starting with light warm up, then barre work, stretching, centre, across the floor and combinations.  It focuses on terminology, correct technique and body placement and execution of steps.  More challenging and lengthy combinations are presented to students as well as barre work only being demonstrated on one side.  A wonderful class for any dancer!

(offered Wednesday 6:30 pm)

Jazz Classes for Intermediate

This class is a fabulous extension of the beginner level.  It continues to teach the students the foundation of jazz while building on the skills they have.  It teaches more challenging and lengthy combinations and progressions and requires students to recall and perform sets of steps on their own.

Generally, students in this class are age 10-12.  It is a wonderful class for any dancer!

(offered Tuesday 7:15 pm)

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Intermediate

This is a fabulous continuation of skills, terminology, and technique for students who have already had 2-3 years of hip hop or are in middle school.  This class offers more challenging progression of skills, steps, and movements.  Students will be asked to perform without as much teacher lead help.  It’s a great class for dancers who are ready to express themselves and take their hip hop to the next level.

(offered Thursday 6:30 pm)

Contemporary/Lyrical Jazz

Contemporary/Lyrical Jazz is the integration of Ballet and Modern Dance. This dance style displays elegant motions and focuses on the free expression of body movements. It often combines slow, or melodic music with ballet and smooth movements to tell a story or express an emotion. It is available for students ages 9 and up.

(offered Monday 6:30 pm)

Tap Level 4

This is an amazing continuation of the basics for tap.  In this class, students who have had 2-3 years of tap already (not including pretap or kinderdance).  It is a challenging and fast paced class that works on speed, memory and correct execution of steps for the proper sound.  Students in this class are generally but not limited to ages 9 and up.   This class is taught by Miss Kim who is excellent at bringing out the amazing tapper in every student!

(offered Wednesday 7:30 pm)

Clogging Classes for Intermediate

Intermediate Clogging is a continuation of the basics from the beginning level class.  It’s crucial that students have the basic foundation of steps before starting this class.  Students will build upon the foundation and add speed, clarity and dancing with a group. Generally, students in this class are 11 years or older.

(Offered Tuesday 6:15 pm)

Cheer Intermediate/Advanced

This is a fabulous continuation from the beginner class but also a great place to start for older aspiring cheerleaders.  Students will cover the basics of cheerleading but also progress to more challenging and advanced work.  Students will continue to add higher level cheer and acrobatic skills. They will work on more intricate and challenging dance moves as well.  Strength training, conditioning and flexibility are also worked on in this class.  Generally, students in this class are 10 and older but instructor approval is necessary. This is a 85 minute class.

(Offered Monday 6:05-7:00 pm)

Cheer/Tumble/Jazz Level 2

Due to it’s popularity, we know offer the next level of Cheer/Tumble/Jazz! Students will build upon the foundation they learned in our Level 1 class.   They will continue to enhance and develop skills in all three disciplines.  They will work on more complex, challenging cheers, chants, jumps, builds, acrobatic skills, and dance steps.  Instructor approval is needed for this level.

(Offered Friday 4:30pm)

Acro Level 4 & 5

Level 4:  Students begin working on power tumbling progressions, skills and conditioning.  They also work on combining tricks/skills to develop strength and control!   Students should have 3 years of experience or instructor approval.

(Offered Tuesday 7:30pm)

Level 5: A new, exciting class geared towards power tumbling and running passes that build into a series of multiple skills/tricks. Students must have at least three-four years of acrobatics/tumbling or instructor approval.

(Offered Monday 8:00-8:55 pm)


A fabulous opportunity for any acrobat/tumbler who loves to compete or would like to try to competing!  Team members must enroll in an acrobatics class at our studio AND the team class.  During team class, each competitor will be assigned and learn a specific routine (based on NAC- National Acrobat Competition skill levels).  They have the chance at competing at 4 preliminary meets and if they qualify, the championship meet.  NAC usually has around 400 competitors from the greater Kansas City area.  All competitors receive some type of award for their efforts.  Team members must purchase the team uniform which they will wear to competitions and recital ONLY.  A fun, amazing options for our students!

(offered Tuesday 5:30 pm)

Dance Team (Dance team currently suspended due to COVID restrictions)

A fabulous opportunity for any dancer who loves to perform. The dance team performs 4 to 5 times throughout the year are various community events and benefits. Dancers must be enrolled in the dance team class and one other dance class. Dance team members learn routines in all disciplines of dance and explore the world of performance. Dance team is exclusively for dancers ages 7-through Middle School. Dance Team also have special parts in our annual recital.

Get ready to dance and tumble your heart out! Contact your Lansing, KS dance instructors today for more information!