Acro 1, 2, and 3

These classes are great continuations for Acro 1!  They are perfect for the student who already has the basic skills and wants to continue with their acrobatic/Tumbling training. More advanced skills are taught as well as reviewing the basics.  We believe it is important to teach skills in a progression, rather than go for just the “tricks”.  We believe having a well rounded, strong, confident acrobatic/tumbler is beneficial in many ways.  Some of the skills taught at this level include: all kinds of cartwheels, back bend kickovers, walkovers, limbers front and backwards, some power tumbling skills, as well as connecting skills.  A great continuation for the student who LOVES tumbling!

(Acro 1 Offered: Monday 5:00, Tuesday 4:30, or Friday 6:00 pm)

(Acro 2 Offered: Monday 7:05 pm, Tuesday 4:30 pm or Friday 6:00)

(Acro 3 Offered: Tuesday 6:30 pm)

Acro 4 and 5 with Power Tumbling

These classes are for the serious acrobat, for the student who wants to maximize their training and learn power tumbling skills. Students in these classes must have mastered all the lower level skills and are prepared to work hard to develop strength, agility, coordination and flexibility.  Students must be approved for these levels based on their own personal accomplishments.  This class is structured to start with warm up, work on stationary, traveling, power skills and dance moves.  It usually finishes with conditioning and flexibility challenges.  A great class for the student who LOVES to FLIP!

(Acro 4 Offered: Tuesday 7:30 pm)

(Acro 5 Offered: Monday 8:05pm)

Tumble Team

A fabulous opportunity for any acrobat/tumbler who loves to compete or would like to try to competing!  Team members must enroll in an acrobatics class at our studio AND the team class.  During team class, each competitor will be assigned and learn a specific routine (based on NAC- National Acrobat Competition skill levels).  They have the chance at competing at 4 preliminary meets and if they qualify, the championship meet.  NAC usually has around 400 competitors from the greater Kansas City area.  All competitors receive some type of award for their efforts.  Team members must purchase the team uniform which they will wear to competitions and recital ONLY.  A fun, amazing options for our students!

(Offered Tuesday 5:30 pm)

Ballet Classes for Intermediate

This class is a continuation of knowledge and skill building for the ballet student. Generally, students at this level have had 2-3 years of ballet (not including preballet) and are 9 years old or older.  The class is structured like all classical ballet classes are; starting with light warm up, then barre work, stretching, centre, across the floor and combinations.  It focuses on terminology, correct technique and body placement and execution of steps.  More challenging and lengthy combinations are presented to students as well as barre work only being demonstrated on one side.  A wonderful class for any dancer!

(Offered Wednesday 6:30 pm)

Ballet Classes for Advanced and Pointe Plus/Extra

A superb class for the advanced, serious dancer or the ballerina ready or already dancing in Pointe shoes.  This class is taught by Miss Denise who danced with the Joffrey Ballet. She structures her class in classical ballet style.  She engages with her students individually and brings out the best in each of them. Students in this class are taught classical variations and pieces from Miss Denise’s repertoire of knowledge and experience.  Students wanting to do Pointe work must also enroll in Advanced Ballet and take the entire 90 minute class.  If a student is enrolled in Adv.Ballet, Pointe and Teen/Adult Ballet, they can take the Pointe Plus class FREE of charge. We do this because we feel very strongly about helping our ballerinas reach their full potential and dancing at least twice a week is essential to this process.

(Offered Wednesday 7:30 pm & 8:30)


This class is a continuation of Pointe skills for the beginner or experienced ballet student. Students in Pointe plus must be enrolled in the advanced ballet class on Wednesday at 7:30 pm. They are encouraged to take the Teen ballet class on Mondays at 7:30 pm for additional technique.  If a student is enrolled in Adv.Ballet, Pointe and Teen Ballet, they can take the Pointe Plus class FREE of charge. We do this because we feel very strongly about helping our ballerinas reach their full potential and dancing at least twice a week is essential to this process.

(Offered Monday 8:30 pm)

Teen Classes:  Ballet and/or Jazz/Musical Theater

Teen Ballet: This is a great class for teens who are new to dance or have some experience. Basic skills will be reviewed and built upon to challenge all students.  It’s a great workout for all dancers wanting be become stronger in their technique.

(Offered Monday 7:30 pm)

Teen Jazz/Musical Theater:  This class is amazing for teens interested in performing in musicals, just want to move and have an amazing time.  Basic and progressive skills will be taught.  Students will learn routines to songs from musicals as well as popular “Pop” songs.  Great for everyone!

(Offered Thursday 7:30)

Jazz Classes for Intermediate

This class is a fabulous extension of the beginner level.  It continues to teach the students the foundation of jazz while building on the skills they have.  It teaches more challenging and lengthy combinations and progressions and requires students to recall and perform sets of steps on their own.

(Offered Tuesday 7:15 pm)

Jazz Class for Advanced

For the advanced serious dancer, this class challenges and expands skills and technique using popular music. Class is taught by a former collegiate dance team dancer. Perfect for the middle or high school dancer!

(Offered Thursday 8:30 pm)

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Intermediate

This is a fabulous continuation of skills, terminology, and technique for students who have already had 2-3 years of hip hop or are in middle school.  This class offers more challenging progression of skills, steps, and movements.  Students will be asked to perform without as much teacher lead help.  It’s a great class for dancers who are ready to express themselves and take their hip hop to the next level.

(Offered Thursday 6:30-7:25 pm)

Advanced Hip Hop

This year we are combining our most advanced levels of Jazz and Hip Hop.  This will give our most advanced students more dance for their dollars! It will allow students more time to work on technique and really have the chance to dance.  Students in this class are generally high school age and will LOVE this new combination of classes! Enrollment needs approval by instructor.

(Offered Thursday 7:30-8:25 pm)

Tap  Level 4

This is an amazing continuation of the basics for tap.  In this class, students who have had 4+ years of tap already (not including pretap or kinderdance).  It is a challenging and fast paced class that works on speed, memory and correct execution of steps for the proper sound.  Students in this class are generally but not limited to ages 9 and up. Adults may also take this class depending on their skill level. This class is taught by Miss Kim who is excellent at bringing out the amazing tapper in every student!

(Offered Wednesday 7:30-8:25 pm)

Clogging Classes for Intermediate

Intermediate Clogging is a continuation of the basics from the beginning level class.  It’s crucial that students have the basic foundation of steps before starting this class. Students will build upon the foundation and add speed, clarity and dancing with a group. Generally, students in this class are 11 years or older.

(Offered Tuesday 6:15pm)


Students will work on flexibility, strength and conditioning.  Whether you are a student of acrobatics, jazz, ballet, tap or an athlete, this class will help you develop to your fullest potential!

(Offered Sunday 12:30pm)

Competitive Clogging Team

Darling Back Beats: We are proud to have a competitive group of cloggers who perform throughout the area and compete in the spring. This group is by audition ONLY and is comprised of cloggers with 4 or more years of experience and lots of skills for precision, speed and quality sounds. Ask our office staff for more information.

(Offered Sunday 10:30)

Clogging Advanced

This is a fast paced, keep breathing, challenging class.  Great for the advanced tapper, accomplished clogger and anyone wanting a serious challenge. Generally, these students have had several years of clogging and have a good working knowledge of terminology and skills.

(Offered Sunday 11:30am)

Clogging Adult

This is a fun, friendly, challenging class for any adult student who wants to exercise, meet new friends, push themselves and learn how to clog.  The adults in this class range from beginners to intermediate level but work together to help each other.  It’s a great class to have for yourself and enjoy!

(Offered Sunday 1:30pm)

Cheer Intermediate

This is a fabulous continuation from the beginner class but also a great place to start for older aspiring cheerleaders.  Students will cover the basics of cheerleading but also progress to more challenging and advanced work.  Students will continue to add higher level cheer and acrobatic skills. They will work on more intricate and challenging dance moves as well.  Strength training, conditioning and flexibility are also worked on in this class.  Generally, students in this class are 10 and older but instructor approval is necessary.

(Offered Monday 6:05 pm)

Cheer Advanced

This is the most challenging, advanced level of cheer classes Offered.  Students are preparing their foundation of skills for high school cheer teams or fine tuning skills already learned. Several students in this class are high school cheerleaders who want to work at perfecting their craft. They attend class to continue to develop new skills while maintaining previously learned skills.  It’s a great class for middle/high school students.  Instructor approval is needed to be placed in this class. This is a 85 minute class.

(Offered Monday 6:05 pm)

Cheer/Tumble/Jazz Level 2, offered with level 1

Due to it’s popularity, we know offer the next level of Cheer/Tumble/Jazz! Students will build upon the foundation they learned in our Level 1 class.   They will continue to enhance and develop skills in all three disciplines.  They will work on more complex, challenging cheers, chants, jumps, builds, acrobatic skills, and dance steps.  Instructor approval is needed for this level. This is a 85 minute class.

(Offered Friday 4:30)

Katie’s Dance Company (Dance Company suspended due to COVID restrictions)

We are proud to offer a performing and competitive dance company for High school students. Dancers in Dance Company must take two dance classes and Dance Company class. They will be required to purchase the base dance company uniform. Dancers will perform throughout the area in various events, nursing homes and parades. They will also attend dance conventions and compete if the interest is there. Ask our office staff for more information.

Dance Team (Dance Team suspended due to COVID restrictions.)

A fabulous opportunity for any dancer who loves to perform. The dance team performs 4 to 5 times throughout the year are various community events and benefits. Dancers must be enrolled in the dance team class and one other dance class. Ages 7-middle school.

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