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Many families choose tumbling classes, hip hop dance classes, Ballet with Acrobatics, Tap with Jazz, Hip Hop with Acrobatics, Cheer with Jazz, and Preballet/Acro with Pre Tap/Acro!


Acrobatics is the floor exercise of gymnastics.  We have found over the past 20 years, that our students excel in gymnastics because they have studied ACROBATICS first.  If you can’t do a cartwheel on the floor, you can’t do it on the beam!  Learning to use personal power to perform a skill is guaranteed to help when tumbling on a spring floor.

All specific Acrobatics/Tumbling skills available at the studio.


All ballet classes teach traditional technique.  We incorporate body facings, jumps, traveling steps and combinations of steps taught in a progressive manner.  We stress terminology, correct technique and placement.  We encourage all students to take ballet as it is the basis for all styles of dance.


Jazz is the classic twist on ballet.  Jazz began many years ago.  It was developed from ballet, tap and ethnic dance techniques.  It incorporates proper body placement, turns, rhythm, funk and fun.  It is the basis for musical theater dance, dance/drill team style and some commercial technique.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is the newest (although it’s about 30 years old) form of dance.  It is highly popular and trending now.  It is a combination of jazz, lots of ethnic styles, rhythm, musicality and regional diversity.


Tap is the truest form of rhythm and beat.  Tap dancing is a combination of irish step, clogging and other various forms of dance.  It is widely used in musical theater and movies.


Clogging is a fun, fast paced, combination of Tap, Irish Step, Hip Hop, and Jazz.  It recently has been more infused with Hip Hop, Jazz, speed and quality of sounds.  It used to be associated with Square dancing but is VERY different now.

Kinder Dance

The perfect class for these 5 to 6 year olds or Kindergarten students. This class combines ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics skills for a beginner or student with some training. This is the perfect introduction into multiple disciplines of dance to help your dancer decided what types of dance they like best!


We offer a variety of classes for students wanting to CHEER!  Students,  at all levels of our cheer classes, learn cheers, chants, tumbling skills, stunting, jumps, pom pon routines/dances and great team building.

Tumble Team

Individual acrobats competing in the National Acrobat Competition against competitors from throughout the Kansas City area. They compete in four preliminary meets and the championship meet if they qualify. Students must enroll in Tumble team class as well as an additional acrobatic class to participate.  2020-2021 will be our 20th year of NAC and our Tumble team!

Dance Team (Dance team is currently suspended due to COVID restrictions. )

For the dancer that wants to perform, this class is great. We perform throughout the community including nursing homes and seasonal events. Dancers must enroll in dance team class as well as an additional dance class to participate. For dancers ages 7 and older.

Contemporary/Lyrical Jazz

Contemporary/Lyrical Jazz is the integration of Ballet and Modern Dance. This dance style displays elegant motions and focuses on the free expression of body movements. It often combines slow, or melodic music with ballet and smooth movements to tell a story or express an emotion. It is available for students ages 9 and up.

Boys Athletic Dance: B.A.D. Class: Boys Athletic Dance is a fabulous combination of Hip Hop, Tumbling and Breakin’ (a,k.a. Breakdancing) This class is designed for boys ONLY ages 6-8 and 9 & up. The students will work on balance, strength building, flexibility, coordination and dance/tumbling progressions.  It’s a great class for energetic boys who love to dance and tumble.

Class sessions TBD.